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Yoho: repeal Obamacare


Monitor Editor

Congressman Ted Yoho introduced legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act if 7 million people are not enrolled in insurance policies sold through health insurance exchanges by the end of the 2014 open enrollment period.

Yoho, whose district includes Bradford, Clay and Union counties, said the Obama Administration projected 7 million people would purchase policies by the March 31 deadline.  He added that if the target is not met, taxpayers will take on additional costs because of the new law.

In a press release Yoho said, “The Obama Administration likes to claim that this healthcare law is hugely popular and is wanted by the American people. I disagree. If the Administration can’t even make their own target numbers then the American taxpayer should not be further burdened by this terrible law. This commonsense bill simply holds the Administration accountable to those numbers, and if they are not met the Affordable Care Act is fully repealed.”

Yoho is also a cosponsor of two alternative proposals to the Affordable Care Act.

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