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Tigers roar past Potter’s House Lions, 34-0, in a game called at the half

 Isaiah Johnson receives a 26-yard pass from Caleb Cox to secure  the Tigers' first score early in the first quarter.

Isaiah Johnson receives a 26-yard pass from Caleb Cox to secure the Tigers’ first score early in the first quarter.

 The Potter’s House Lions didn’t have a prayer against the Tigers’ 34-0 route when the game was called at the half due to inclement weather.

Lightening was seen and the wind started picking up as officials made the call shortly after a brief but special ceremony to honor Marvin Pritchett. The founder and owner of Pritchett Trucking in Lake Butler was slain along with two of his employees on the previous Saturday morning by another employee whom they all called a friend. A fourth employee was shot as well, but survived. The shooter committed suicide the same morning.
During the short game, more penalties were called in it than seen in most full games on a Friday night, with the first flag thrown on the first play.
The Tigers looked strong this week, shutting a another opponent with a strong running game and a defense that shut down any attempts to score.
Even the air attack looked good. Caleb Cox worked the quarterback during both quarters, launching a nice 26-yard bomb to Isaiah Johnson for the Tigers’ first touchdown at just under two-and-half-minutes into the game.
This came after a flag on the previous play which was a repeat of the first penalty of the game— dead ball encroachment—from the same Tiger: Parker Hodgson. After the second time, head coach Ronny Pruitt yelled in frustration, “Can’t you hear him?” After Hodgson confirmed he couldn’t, Pruitt told Cox to “speak up!”
Apparently the advice worked.

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