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Student thanks Clay Electric for Washington trip

Wesley Sapp

Wesley Sapp


Monitor Editor


A Marion County student thanked Clay Electric members for sending him to Washington last year.

Wesley Sapp, who at the time of the trip in June 2012, was a junior at North Marion High School, appeared at the co-op’s March 28 meeting in Keystone Heights.

Sapp started off by thanking the audience for making the journey to the nation’s capital possible.

“Your commitment to Clay Electric really made that happen for us,” he said.

Sapp went to Washington as part of Clay Electric’s youth tour program.  The co-op sent 18 high school juniors to Tallahassee in February, 2012 to learn about the legislature, the supreme court and other state government functions. The 18 participants also took a written quiz about co-ops and competed in a speaking contest.  Participants with the four highest scores earned a trip to Washington.

In addition to Sapp,  Kahreem Golden of Crescent City High School, Lucas Higginbotham of Fort White High School and Bailey Williams of Clay High School earned the week in DC.

Sapp told co-op members that his impression of Washington was quite different from the political battle zone portrayed on television.

“Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, an independent or a libertarian,”, he said, “the partisanship ends when you are walking in the city.”

The student also said that the issues Americans debate are not that serious when viewed from a global stand point.

“There are people fighting and dying overseas to have a voice in their own country,” he said.

Sapp concluded his talk by again thanking Clay Electric and by telling its membership that the week will leave a lasting impression on him.

“It was a majestic experience that I will not soon forget,” he said.


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