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Sheriff: woman lied about burglary, stabbing

A Bradford County Sheriff’s Capt. said the woman who claimed she caught a burglar in her home and was stabbed in the ensuing struggle, fabricated the tale to cover up an accidental stabbing.

Deputies from Bradford and Clay counties, in addition to tracking dogs from Union Correctional institution and a helicopter from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, searched the woods at the county line near S.R. 16 on Jan. 30 after the woman claimed she walked in on a burglar, stabbed him in the chest with a pocketknife, and was then wounded in the thigh by the same weapon.

Capt. Brad Smith said during the subsequent investigation, Detective Sergeant Kevin Mueller realized the evidence was not matching the information being reported by the victim and her roommate. He decided to interview them again and present his concerns about the story and evidence not matching. At that time they admitted to fabricating the story to cover up the roommate accidentally stabbing the alleged victim in the leg.

Smith said the sheriff’s office is now in discussions with the agencies that participated in the manhunt and with the State Attorney’s Office to decide what, if any criminal charges will be placed on the alleged victim and the roommate.

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