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Mayor complains about code enforcement


Monitor Editor

Mayor Mary Lou Hildreth complained about Keystone code enforcement effectiveness during the city council’s Oct. 6 meeting.  She said that she has not seen a code enforcement report in months and added that members of the city’s code enforcement board are complaining that they have not met in two years.

Hildreth added that in March, she photographed some properties with graffiti, overgrown vegetation and other code violations on her own street.  Property owners cleared those violations soon after Hildreth’s photographs appeared in the Monitor.  The mayor said that now, those properties have reverted back to earlier code violations.

She also offered to help.

“I can type letters,” she said. “I was in administration for 10 years.”

Hildreth reminded City Manager Terry Suggs that during an earlier council meeting, he laid out a detailed plan for processing code violations, explaining a step-by-step process that included monthly reports to the council.

“I don’t see that happening,” Hildreth said.

Suggs agreed with Hildreth that he should have produced a code enforcement report for the Oct. 6 meeting.  He said that a formatting problem prevented his staff from completing the report.  He also said that the city’s code enforcement officer has visited around 50 properties to enforce the town’s land use regulations and now that the officer is working full time, he expects the backlog to be worked down.

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