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Lake Region legal notices, May 28, 2015

LRM Legals 5/28/15




Sealed proposals, in duplicate, will be received by the Keystone Airpark Authority in the Conference Room at the Keystone Airpark Terminal Building, located at 7100 Airport Road, Starke, Florida 32091, until       2:00 PM on Thursday, June 18, 2015, EDT, at which time all proposals received will be publicly opened and read aloud. Bidders are invited to submit proposals for:


A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 in the Conference Room at the Keystone Airpark Terminal Building.

Bidders are invited to submit Proposals for this work on the Proposal Forms provided. Other proposal forms will not be accepted. The work shall include approximately 600 SF of concrete slab spall repairs, approximately 1,200 LF of routing and sealing of cracks in concrete slabs, removal and replacement of approximately 21,000 LF of concrete joint sealing materials, milling and overlay (2”) of approximately 5,000 SY of asphalt pavement, concrete curbing, pavement markings, aircraft tie downs, and related work.

The complete examination and understanding of the Contract Documents consisting of the Plans and Specifications, and all addenda or other revisions, and Site of the proposed work is necessary to properly submit a Proposal. Contract Documents will be available for review or purchase on May 27, 2015 from the offices of:

URS Corporation

7650 W. Courtney Campbell Causeway

Tampa, Florida 33607

Attn: Bill Prange, P.E. or Diane Kline


Phone: Bill Prange (386) 898-2298 or Diane Kline (813) 636-2139

There is a $50.00 charge for each set (half-size) of Contract Documents. Return of the Contract Documents is not required and the amount paid for the Contract Documents is non-refundable. A Bid Bond in the form as bound in the Contract Documents or Certified Check in the amount of not less than five percent (5%) of the total amount bid must accompany each Bid.

Successful Bidder shall be required to execute and to provide a Payment Bond and Performance Bond each in an Amount of not less than one hundred percent (100%) of the total value of the Contract awarded to him with a satisfactory surety or sureties for the full and faithful performance of the work. No bid may be withdrawn after closing time for the receipt of Proposals for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days.

The Keystone Airpark Authority reserves the right to waive any informalities or irregularities in or reject any or all bids and to award or refrain from awarding the Contract for the Work. For additional information, contact William R. Prange, P.E., URS Corporation at (386) 898-2298 or

Dated:   /s/ David Kirkland, Chairman

By: Keystone Airpark Authority

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B-sect Legals 5/28/15


Keystone Airpark Authority’s regular scheduled board meetings will be held on the 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:00 P.M. Location is: 7100 Airport Road, Starke, FL. Agendas and notice of cancellation will be posted on the authority’s website at no later than 72 hours in advance.

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