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KH City manager pleased with 2016 accomplishments




Special to the Monitor

KEYSTONE HEIGHTS —  City manager Scott Kornegay was asked to name the highlight of city accomplishments in 2016. He named three items he was especially pleased to have gotten rolling in the previous 365 days, and will have ramifications for the coming year.

First was progress on the city’s 2020 Vision program; a series of objectives to be accomplished within the next few years to keep the city fresh.

The most immediate project will revitalize the city’s street scapes, or at least those on Lawrence and the downtown area.

Kornegay said the plans are largely finished and the work is scheduled to begin, hopefully this year after funding is assured.

The first renovations will include brickwork, bulb outs for more traffic control, additional cross walks and landscaping along Lawrence Boulevard.

The city is already pursuing fundraising for the project through grant proposals to FDOT and Clay County with some city money added.

Kornegay said he was excited about the new water steering committee, formed after the city’s water summit, held last fall.

Representatives from two water management districts, two counties, the Save Our Lakes Organization, Camp Blanding, Chemours and other water interests will meet on a regular basis to move action forward on selected projects.

Kornegay will chair the group, with SOLO president Vivian Katz sitting in as vice chair. The first meeting of the committee will be held in January.

Kornegay said several projects will be proposed; the group will select one or two it is most interested in working on and take action.

The city has already applied for FEMA hurricane mitigation funds to improve water flow in the area. This project will be supported by FEMA funds for local mitigation strategies. The project is designed to improve the flow from Brooklyn Lake to Keystone Lake and from Keystone to Lake Geneva.

Other projects Kornegay and the city council were happy to accomplish in 2016 were renovations to City Hall and the reopening of Keystone Beach.

The biggest improvement to City Hall, he said, was a new roof, designed to stem water leaks that have plagued City Hall staff for years.

Included in the renovations were ripping out water damaged and stained carpet; and replacing flooring throughout the building.

Kornegay said he expects to see more family swimming and resident participation at events at the beach park, playgrounds and the pavilion in the months ahead.

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