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Keystone man arrested for false imprisonment, other charges (subscriber content)




Monitor Editor

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Keystone Heights man April 30 after his girlfriend accused him of detaining her within her own home, battering her and stealing her car.

Deputies charged Noah Caleb Goodin, 31, with false imprisonment, grand theft and domestic battery.

The charges against Goodin are not proven and he is presumed innocent until adjudicated guilty by a court.

According to an arrest report, the victim told a deputy she and Goodin had been dating for three weeks. On April 27, he became intoxicated, and she asked him to leave her residence.

The following evening, the victim found Goodin back at her home.

She said when she went inside the house with the man he began yelling and her. The woman claimed Goodin locked the front door of her house and would not let her leave. She said when she tried to leave he threw her to the ground and pinned her to the floor using his own body. She said that after she escaped through the back door and ran to a neighbor’s house for help, he drove off in her car. The victim said she never allowed Goodin the drive her vehicle because his license was suspended.

A deputy wrote in a report that he observed injuries to the victim’s arms and face. The deputy also wrote that when meeting with the woman after the alleged attack, the victim appeared distressed.

The officer also spoke with two neighbors who said they saw the victim running from her house, screaming to call the police. They also said they saw Goodin drive off in the car.

The deputy wrote that later, Goodin called the officer and claimed he did not steal the car, but drove it to Hitchcock’s grocery store where a friend picked him up and drove him to Orange Park. The officer wrote in a report that he searched the store’s parking lot for the vehicle but could not find it.

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