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FHP extends aggressive driving focus



Monitor Editor

The Florida Highway Patrol announced an additional enforcement week dedicated to its Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks campaign from Sept. 23 through Sept. 27. The agency said that during the campaign, it is highlighting the danger of aggressive driving behaviors when interacting with large trucks on the road.

According to an FHP press release, motorists are at a serious disadvantage if involved in a crash with a large commercial vehicle. Large trucks can be as long as eighty feet and weigh up to twenty tons. The large size also means it takes forty percent longer for them to come to a stop than a smaller vehicle. Troopers statewide will be on the lookout for car and truck drivers who exhibit aggressive driving such at following too closely, unsafe lane changes and speeding.

Drivers can be ticketed for aggressive driving if they commit any two of the following actions simultaneously or in succession: exceeding the posted speed, unsafely or improperly changing lanes, following another vehicle too closely, failing to yield the right of way, improperly passing and violating traffic control and signal devices.

“FHP is committed to reducing the number of commercial vehicle-related crashes on Florida roadways,” said FHP Director, Col. David Brierton. “We can reduce crashes if we all share the roads safely, avoid aggressive driving behaviors and exercise additional caution when driving near larger vehicles.”

The agency recommended that when encountering big trucks, motorists stay out of trucks’ blind spots, pass them with caution, do not cut trucks off, practice patience around larger vehicles that are traveling at a slower rate of speed and  do not drive distracted.

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