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Committee recommends 5 changes to Keystone charter


Monitor Editor

Keystone Heights’ Charter Review Committee is recommending five changes to the town’s governing document, addressing vacancies on the city council, attendance requirements for council members, the role of the city clerk and the establishment of standard operating procedures.

Two of the proposed amendments abolish the requirement for a town clerk, transferring the clerk’s responsibilities to the city council and making the clerk’s position optional.

An additional amendment requires the city council to establish standard operating procedures to insure that changes to the city’s charter are fully implemented.

Charter Review Committee Chair Karen Lake said the recommendation came about after her committee discovered that prior changes to the charter had not been implemented by the town.

A fourth amendment changes the procedures for filling a vacant city council seat. Now, vacancies for mayor or council members must be filled with a special election.  Under the charter review committee’s proposal, the city council would fill the vacancy until the next election.

The final amendment states that the council may declare a seat vacant if a member misses two consecutive meetings or three meetings within a twelve month period. The council may determine that a member’s absences are excused and a majority vote is required to declare that a member’s absences are not excused.

Voters must first approve the measures before they become effective.

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