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Clay Sheriff seeks raise for deputies



Clay County Sheriff, Rick Beseler, told the county commission, last week, he wants to give deputies a nine percent pay raise over the next two years.

Beseler asked commissioners to increase his 2015-2016 budget by around $700,000 to cover the first year’s implementation of the pay raise, which he said was based on a professional salary survey.

Beseler said that deputies have not received a pay raise in seven years, and that since that time, he has implemented every cost-cutting measure he could think of, such as hiring part-time employees without benefits, using over 300, unpaid volunteers, outsourcing, privatizing, rebidding contracts, and civilianizing sworn duties.

“I can’t pull any more rabbits out of my hat,” he told commissioners. “These folks need a professional wage, reflective of the loyalty that they have demonstrated to this county.”pays $201 per capita.

For more on the story, see the June 4 issue of the Lake Region Monitor.

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