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Clay school board member contributes to colleague’s opponent

School board member Johnna McKinnon contributed $100 to a candidate running against her fellow school board member.

Amber Shepherd of Orange Park filed papers to run for the District 1 school board seat on April 1.  That seat is now held by Janice Kerekes.  McKinnon was one of the first people to contribute to Shepherd’s campaign.

Fred S. Gottshalk also kicked in $100 to Shepherd’s effort. Gottshalk gained notoriety in the 2012 school superintendent race when he qualified as a write-in candidate opposing Charlie Van Zant and Ben Wortham.

He also contributed to Van Zant’s campaign and posted Van Zant campaign signs in his front yard.  Wortham’s supporters accused Gottshalk’s effort as a farce.  His candidacy closed what would have been an open Republican primary and locked out 58,000 Democrats and Independents from the primary.

While speaking at a September 2012 school board meeting, he referred to himself as the “sham candidate.”

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