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Clay Electric members report attempted scams

Clay Electric Cooperative said two of its members in the Salt Springs District were recently approached by individuals falsely claiming to represent the co-op.

The utility reported in a press release that one member in the Lynne area said she received a call from someone claiming to be from Clay Electric who was attempting to collect a past due bill related to a recent rate increase. A cooperative representative said the utility does not collect past due amounts in this manner.

“If a member has an overdue bill, he or she will likely receive a call from our automated phone messaging system as a reminder to call the cooperative to arrange payment,” said John Bennett, member relations representative for the Salt Springs District.  “They’ll also receive a courtesy notice in the mail.”

Bennett added that members should never share confidential, personal information over the phone.

In a second incident, a member was approached at home by two men claiming to be contractors for Clay Electric.  They told the member they needed to check the windows at her residence. The woman became suspicious and called Clay Electric which told the woman the co-op does not have contractors that check windows and that she should call the sheriff’s office. The two men left the area.

Bennett said Clay field personnel wear uniforms and carry identification, and can be asked for ID if members have any questions about who they represent. Contractors working for the co-op are also properly identified and can provide ID if asked.

He also said Clay Electric personnel do not make home visits to check on windows or other items.

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