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Bus carrying BHS baseball team robbed


Staff Writer

The bus carrying the Bradford High School junior varsity baseball team was robbed March 9 while the team was eating at the McDonald’s in Interlachen, resulting in eight players losing some or all of their playing equipment.

Coach Robbie Best said he doesn’t know the total value of the items stolen, but when looking at baseball equipment alone, he said, “It’s probably $2,000 to $3,000 worth of stuff.”

Bradford went to McDonald’s after playing a tournament game hosted by Interlachen High School, though not every player was on the bus as some went home with family members. That left eight players who traveled on the bus with Best and the driver.

One player had his entire bag stolen. The bag included two bats, a pair of cleats and multiple gloves.

Best said a bat alone can be worth $300-$500, while gloves can be worth anywhere from $150 to $200.

“They could be out $500 to $800 to replace everything they need to play in a game,” Best said.

Best said he didn’t know yet the extent of the personal items that were stolen. He said one player had jewelry only taken from his bag, while another player had the keys to his truck stolen.

Everything is still in the process of being sorted out and examined. The video from the bus has been viewed, and video from McDonald’s is supposed to be viewed sometime today (March 10), Best said.

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