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2-year-old found dead

Aiden Howard

Bradford deputies  found the body of a missing 2-year old just after 7 p.m. Wednesday night, in a small neighborhood off S.R. 16, east of Starke.

Aiden Howard had been reported missing at 6:39.

According to Sheriff’s Capt. Eddie Boatwright, four adults were in the home on Northeast 162nd Way when the child went missing.  The adults told investigators they searched for the boy for about an hour before calling law enforcement.

Deputy James Albritton and Starke Police Officer Paul King first arrived at the home.  The pair searched the trailer over four times looking for the toddler, while volunteers fanned the wooded area surrounding the home.

Sheriff Gordon Smith and other personnel examine the septic tank where the boy was found

Shortly after Sheriff Gordon Smith and Capt. Boatwright arrived, Lt. George Konkel told then he had discovered an opening in a backyard septic tank and “had a bad feeling about it.”

King tried to search the tank with a stick, but the probe was too short.  Boatwright found a metal bed railing nearby and poked around the bottom of the underground container and discovered the body.

Soon after the discovery, the Sheriff called in the Alachua County Medical examiner’s office and FDLE.

“Right now this looks like a trajic accident,” said Boatwright, “but we are treating it as a criminal investigation.”

FDLE, along with the Alachua County medical examiner’s office have joined the investigation.

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